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Used Pumps

Portable diesel and electric powered Godwin Dri-Prime automatic self-priming pumps are ideal for site dewatering, sewer bypass, and industrial applications.

CD Series Dri Prime

High-volume portable water and wastewater pumps

HL Series Dri Prime

High-head portable water and wastewater pumps

All Equipment

Godwin portable power generators and light towers can handle any municipal, construction, or industrial need.


Reliable, rugged and readily available for purchase

Light Towers

Engineered to meet a variety of illumination needs

Factory Certified Used Pumps

Each Godwin Dri-Prime pump has to pass a rigorous 50 point inspection to receive our Pre-Owned Factory Certification.

6-Month / 500 Hour Extended Warranty

Purchase an extended warranty to cover all pumping components on your Factory Certified Pre-Owned Godwin Dri-Prime pump.

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Godwin & Flygt Used Pump Sales

Purchase the highest quality water and wastewater pumps in the world on our used pumping equipment website. On this site you will gain access to purchase Godwin Dri-Prime pumps and Flygt electric submersible pumps from Xylem's rental fleet. Whether you are in the market to own a commercial or industrial water or wastewater pump for mining, construction, farming, or recreational needs we have it available for you. Call us or fill out a web form to get a quote today!